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TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Excavator Spare Parts For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts

I appreciate the help from Paul, he's prefessional and knows exactly what parts I need. My CAT has gone back to work without any problem.

—— Raphael

Got the final drive and its beautiful I think. We've have it assembled in our Hitachi ZX330 excavator, my machines goes to work again now. Many thanks

—— Kevin

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TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Excavator Spare Parts For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts

TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Excavator Spare Parts For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts
TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Excavator Spare Parts For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts

Large Image :  TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Excavator Spare Parts For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ANTO
Model Number: pc200-6
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box for heavy parts, paper carton for light parts
Delivery Time: 1-3 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100-2000
Detailed Product Description
Category: Excavator Final Drive Spare Parts Excavator Type: Crawler Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator
Model: Pc200-6 Parts Name: Travel RV Gear
Packing: Wood Box, Standard Carton, Pallet Item Condition: New 100%, AFTERMARKET
High Light:

cat final drive


excavator gearbox


  • TZ671B2004-01 RV Gear Assembly Used For PC200-6 Final Drive Parts Replacement


Excavator spare parts name PC200-6 final drive RV gear
Equipment Model PC200-6 
Parts Category Excavator final drive
Spare parts Condition Brand new
MOQ of order(PCS, SET)
Parts Availability In stock
Delivery Lead time 1-3 days


20Y-27-D2000[2]- FINALDRIVEASS'Y Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null |$1.
TZ684B0000-03[1]- FINALDRIVEASS'Y Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null |$2.
1.TZ684B1001-02[1]- HUB Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
TZ684B1102-03[1]- SPINDKEKIT Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["TZ684B110202"] |$4.
TZ684B1132-03[1]- SPINDLEASS' Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null |$5.
2.TZ684B1002-03[1]- SPINDLE Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
3.TZ671B1003-03[1]- FLANGE Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
4.TZ671B1019-00[3]- BOL Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
5.TZ671B1034-01[6]- PI Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
6.TZ671B1037-00[3]- WASHE Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
TZ671B1104-03[1]- GEARASS'Y Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] |$11.
TZ671B1204-01[1]- GEARKI Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null |$12.
7.TZ671B1004-01[1]- GEAR Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
8.TZ671B1005-01[1]- GEAR Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
9.TZ671B1009-01[3]- SHAF Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
10.TZ671B1012-03[6]- SPACE Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
11.TZ671B1022-00[6]- BEARIN Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
12.TZ671B1023-01[6]- BEARIN Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["TZ671B10231", "TZ671B10230"]
13.TZ684B1006-02[1]- GEAR Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
14.TZ684B1007-00[1]- GEARKIT Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
15.TZ671B1008-03[1]- COVER Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
16.TZ671B1013-02[3]- PLATE Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
17.TZ50F1024-00[1]- COUPLING Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 0.49 kg.
18.TZ671B1017-00[24]- PIN Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
19.04065-09530[3]- RING Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 0.042 kg.
20.TZ671B1021-00[2]- BEARING Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 5.5 kg.
21.04064-04018[3]- RING Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["802250040"] Weight: 0.001 kg.
22.07000-11008[1]- O-RING Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["0700001008", "2016018950"] Weight: 0.01 kg.
23.07000-05230[1]- O-RING Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["0700015230"] Weight: 0.03 kg.
24.TZP33508335[1]- O-RING Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
25.170-27-00024[1]- FLOATINGSEALASS'Y Komatsu OEM ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["1702700025", "2072700310", "4233300021"] Weight: 3.72 kg.
170-27-00114[1]- SEALRINGASS' Komatsu OEM ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["1702700115"] |$33. Weight: 3.425 kg.
207-27-61331[2]- FLOATINGSEAT Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] |$34.
170-27-00120[1]- O-RINGASS' Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["1952700150"] |$35. Weight: 0.31 kg.
195-27-12710[2]- O-RING Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["1702712520"] |$36. Weight: 0.1 kg.
26.TZ610B-2021-00[3]- PLUG Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
27.TZJB1176 M12X32-12.9L[12]- BOLT Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
28.04260-01111[1]- BALL Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 0.006 kg.
29.TZ671B2077-01[2]- PIN Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[]
30.JISB2401-P18-90[3]- O-RING Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:null
31.20Y-27-11582[2]- SPROCKET Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["20Y2711581", "20Y27K1110", "20Y2777110"] Weight: 36.2 kg.
32.20Y-27-11561[40]- BOLT Komatsu China ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 0.14 kg.
33.01010-61660[36]- BOLT Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["0101031660", "0101081660"] Weight: 0.127 kg.
34.01643-31645[36]- WASHER Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["802170005", "0164301645"] Weight: 0.072 kg.
35.20Y-60-21190[2]- COVER Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:[] Weight: 0.17 kg.
36.01010-81230[8]- BOLT Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["0101051230", "01010B1230"] Weight: 0.043 kg.
37.01643-31232[8]- WASHER Komatsu ["Field_2: 60001-"] analogs:["0164371232", "0164381232", "802170003", "R0164331232", "0614331232"] Weight: 0.027 kg.


We can supply spare parts for most of excavators, models are listed as below for reference.

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PC120-5 PC120-5K PC120-5Z PC120-6 PC120-6EO PC120-8
PC1250-7 PC128US-2 PC128USLC-1 PC128USL-2 PC128USL-3 PC128UU-1
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PC158US-2 PC158USLC-2 PC15MR PC15MRX-1 PC15R-8 PC160-6
PC16R PC16R-2 PC16R-3 PC16R-3 HS PC180LC-3 PC180LC-5
PC180LC-6 PC180LC-7 PC180LC-7K-EO PC180LLC-5K PC180NLC-5K PC18MR
PC18MR-3 PC190LC-KU-8 PC190NLC-8 PC20-3 PC20-5 PC20-6
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PC200EL-6K PC200EN-6K PC200LC-3 PC200LC-5 PC200LC-6 PC200LC-6LE
PC200LC-8 PC200LL-6 PC200Z-6LE PC20MR-1-K PC20MR-2 PC20MRX-1
PC210 PC210-5 PC210-6 PC210-7 PC210-8 PC210LC-6
PC210NLC-7K PC210NLC-8 PC220 PC220-1 PC220-2 PC220-3
PC220-6 PC220-7 PC220LC-3 PC220LC-5 PC220LC-6 PC220LC-7
PC220LC-8 PC228LC-3 PC228US-2 PC228US-3EO-D PC228USLC PC228USLC-1
PC240 PC240-3K PC240-5 PC240-6 PC240LC-10 PC240LC-3K
PC240LC-6 PC240LC-7 PC240LC-8 PC240NLC-5K PC240NLC-6K PC240NLC-7
PC240NLC-8K PC25-1 PC25-7 PC250-6 PC250LC-6 PC250LC-7
PC26MR-3 PC270-6 PC270-8 PC270LC-6 PC270LC-7 PC270LC-7L
PC27MR-1 PC27MR-2 PC27MR-3 PC27MRX-1 PC27MRX-2 PC27R-8
PC28UU-2 PC290LC-10 PC290LC-6 PC290LC-7 PC290LC-7K PC290LC-8
PC30-3 PC30-5 PC30-6 PC30-7 PC300 PC300-1
PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-6 PC300-7 PC300LC-1 PC300LC-3
PC300LC-6 PC300LC-7 PC300LC-8 PC300SE-7 PC308USLC-3 PC30FR-1
PC30MR-2 PC30MR-3 PC30MRX-1 PC30R-8 PC340LC-6 PC340LC-6K-J
PC340LC-7K-ED PC340NLC-6 PC340NLC-7K PC340NLC-7K-EO PC350LC-6 PC350LC-7
PC350LC/NLC-8 PC350NLC-8 PC360LC-1 PC35MR-2 PC35MR-3 PC35MRX-1
PC35R-8 PC35R-8 DELUX PC360LC-1 PC360LC-10 PC360LC-5 PC380LC-6
PC380LC-7K PC38UU-1 PC38UU-2 PC390LC-10 PC40-3 PC40-5
PC40-7 PC400 PC400-1 PC400-3 PC400-5 PC400HD-6LK
PC400LC PC400LC-3 PC400LC-5 PC400LC-6 PC400LC-6K PC400LC-6LC
PC400LC 6LM PC400LC-7 PC400LC-8 PC400MH-6 PC40MR PC40MR-1
PC40MRX-1 PC40R-8 PC45-1 PC450-6 PC450-6K-J PC450-7K
PC450-8 PC450LC-6 PC450LC-6K-J PC450LC-6K-KE PC450LC-7 PC450LC-7K



PC400LC-7 PC400LC-8 PC400MH6 PC40MR PC40MR-1
PC40MRX-1 PC40R-8 PC45-1 PC450-6 PC450-6K-J PC450-7K
PC450-8 PC450LC-6 PC450LC-6K-J PC450LC-6K-KE PC450LC-7 PC450LC-7K
PC450LC-8 PC450LCHD-8K PC45MR-2



PC45MRX-1 PC45R-8
PC490LC-10 PC50MR-2 PC50UU-1 PC50UU-2 PC50UU-2 & -2E PC50UU-2E
PC55MR PCMR55-3 PC58UU PC58UU-3 PC58UU-5 PC60
PC75R-2HD PC75UU PC75UU-1 PC75UU-2 PC75UU-3 PC78MR-6
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PC800LC-8 PC80MR-3 PC850-8 PC850SE-8 PC88MR-6 PC88MR-8
PC95-1 PC95R-2 PX27MRX-1 Unlisted Model    


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