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4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts

I appreciate the help from Paul, he's prefessional and knows exactly what parts I need. My CAT has gone back to work without any problem.

—— Raphael

Got the final drive and its beautiful I think. We've have it assembled in our Hitachi ZX330 excavator, my machines goes to work again now. Many thanks

—— Kevin

Fast shippment, the arrived parts is good quality, our engine is repaired and is perfectly running at maximum power. Thank you, god bless.

—— Mohammed

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4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts

4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts
4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts

Large Image :  4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: 4396696
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box for heavy parts, paper carton for light parts
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A,Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100-2000
Detailed Product Description
Application: ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Product Name: Oil Seal
Part Number: 4396696 Packing: Standard Export Carton
Transportation: By Sea/air By Express Warranty: 6/12 Months
High Light:

4396696 Oil Seal


ZX240 Oil Seal


ZX350 Oil Seal

  • 4396696 Oil Seal Fit For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts




  • Specification

Application HITACHI Excavator Travel Motor Parts
Name Oil seal
Parts No 4396696
Model number ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350
Delivery time Stock for delivery
Design made in PRC
Means of transport By sea/air, DHL FEDEX UPS TNT EMS
Packing As request or standard packing




  • Application

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  • We could supply the following spare parts


1 Hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, swing machinery, swing motor etc.


2 Engine parts: engine ass’y, piston, piston ring, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, turbocharger, fuel injection pump, starting motor and alternator etc.


3 Undercarriage part: Track roller, Carrier roller, Track Link, Track shoe, Sprocket, Idler and Idler cushion etc.


4 Cab parts: operator’s cab, wiring harness, monitor, controller, seat, door etc.


5 Cooling parts: Radiator, air conditioner, compressor, after cooler etc.


6 Other parts: Service kit, swing circle, engine hood, swing joint, fuel tank, filter, boom, arm, bucket etc.



  • Part Diagram
Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  9190294 [1] MOTOR;OIL I 9196318 <for assembly of machine>
  -9196318 [1] MOTOR;OIL <for transportation>
0 1025878 [1] HOUSING  
2 4396696 [1] SEAL;OIL  
3 4417431 [2] PISTON  
6 4409640 [1] PIN;KNOCK  
7 2042080 [1] SHAFT  
8 991345 [2] RING;RETAINING  
9 9181134 [1] PLATE ASS'Y  
09A. +++++++ [1] PLATE  
09B. +++++++ [2] PIN  
10 4396755 [1] BRG.;ROL.  
12 3085485 [1] PLATE;SWASH Y 3088017
12 3088017 [1] PLATE;SWASH  
15 8075190 [9] PISTON I 8099321
15 8099321 [9] PISTON  
16 3081570 [1] RETAINER  
17 4397757 [1] BUSHING  
19 4396747 [6] SPRING;COMPRES.  
20 2042060 [1] ROTOR I 2052977
20 2052977 [1] ROTOR T 8099321
20 2051451 [1] ROTOR  
22 3081593 [4] PLATE;FRICTION  
23 3081592 [4] PLATE  
25 3081595 [1] PISTON  
26 4396775 [1] O-RING  
28 4396774 [1] O-RING  
29 3081594 [1] SPRING;DISC  
30 4420958 [1] O-RING  
31 4506415 [3] O-RING  
34 9167777 [1] VALVE;BRAKE I 9260017 <for assembly of machine>
34 9244289 [1] VALVE;BRAKE I 9260017 <for assembly of machine>
34 -9195450 [1] VALVE;BRAKE I 9260017 <for transportation>
34 -9260017 [1] VALVE;BRAKE <for transportation>
35 4396759 [1] BRG.;NEEDLE I 4631910
35 4631910 [1] BRG.;NEEDLE  
36 4422627 [2] PIN;KNOCK P 4619325 <for assembly of machine>
        4619325 <for transportation>
36 4610452 [2] PIN;KNOCK I 4619325 <for assembly of machine>
36 4610452 [2] PIN;KNOCK I 4619325 <for transportation>
36 4630921 [2] PIN;KNOCK  
38 3081568 [1] PLATE;VALVE P 3101081 <for assembly of machine>
        3101081 <for transportation>
38 3101081 [1] PLATE;VALVE T 3106841
        2052977 <for assembly of machine>
        2052977 <for transportation>
38 3106481 [1] PLATE;VALVE <for assembly of machine>
38 3106481 [1] PLATE;VALVE <for transportation>
40 M341850 [9] BOLT;SOCKET  

4396696 Oil Seal For HITACHI ZX200 ZX230 ZX240 ZX330 ZX350 Travel Motor Parts 0



  • Advantage


1. The excavator spare parts are built to fit to the machine original system.


2. The excavator spare parts are supplied strictly according to the genuine parts catalog.


3. All the excavator spare parts are manufactured from carefully selected materials with standard quality using standard production process heat treatment processes — including carburizing, nitriding, and induction hardening.


4. Surplus stock and the various varioties of spare parts that cover excavator. HITACHI KOMATSU HYUNDAI Vo-lvo DOOSAN KOBELCO SUMITOMO KATO JCB




  • Packing and Shipping

Packing Details :


inner packing : plastic film for wrapping


external packing : wooden


Shipping :


within 3 days after received the payment , by air or by express or by sea on the basis of the

quantity and emergency circumstances.


1. By Couriers: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT are the main courier companies we are cooperated,


2. By Air: Delivery from the Guangzhou air port to customer's destination city air port.


3. By Sea: Delivery from the Huangpu port .



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Tel: 0086-15920526889

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