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708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts

I appreciate the help from Paul, he's prefessional and knows exactly what parts I need. My CAT has gone back to work without any problem.

—— Raphael

Got the final drive and its beautiful I think. We've have it assembled in our Hitachi ZX330 excavator, my machines goes to work again now. Many thanks

—— Kevin

Fast shippment, the arrived parts is good quality, our engine is repaired and is perfectly running at maximum power. Thank you, god bless.

—— Mohammed

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708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts

708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts
708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts 708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts

Large Image :  708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve For Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: 708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box for heavy parts, paper carton for light parts
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A,Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100-2000
Detailed Product Description
Application: Excavator Spare Parts Part Name: Solenoid Valve
Part Number: 708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Model Number: PC100 PC120 PC200 PC300
Warranty: 6/12 Months Packing: Wooden Box For Heavy Parts, Paper Carton For Light Parts
High Light:



PC120 Solenoid Valve


708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve

  • 708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240 Solenoid Valve Applied To Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts



  • Specification


Parts No. 708-2L-25211 708-2H-25240
Item Name solenoid valve
Model No. PC100 PC120 PC200 PC300
MOQ 1 piece
Design made in china
Port guangzhou
Warranty 6 months



  • Applicable models 

EXCAVATORS PC100 PC100L PC100N PC120 PC128UU PC130 PC150LGP PC200 PC210 PC220 PC230 PC240 PC250 PC300 PC300SC PC340 PC350 PC380 PC400 PC400ST PC450 PC600 PC650 PW130



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  • Catalog parts list
Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  708-2L-00151 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu OEM 164 kg.
      ["SN: 86930-94998"] ancatalogs:["7082L00150", "7082L00411", "7082L00412", "7082L00413"] |$5.  
  708-2L-00056 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu China 157 kg.
      ["SN: 84620-86929"] ancatalogs:["7082L00054", "7082L00052", "7082L00053", "7082L00055"] |$6.  
  708-2L-00054 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu China 157 kg.
      ["SN: 82758-84619"] ancatalogs:["7082L00052", "7082L00056", "7082L00053", "7082L00055"] |$7.  
  708-2L-00053 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu China 157 kg.
      ["SN: 82229-82757"] ancatalogs:["7082L00054", "7082L00052", "7082L00056", "7082L00055"] |$8.  
  708-2L-00052 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu China 157 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-82228"] ancatalogs:["7082L00054", "7082L00056", "7082L00053", "7082L00055"] |$9.  
  708-2L-03234 [2] SERVO VALVE ASS'Y Komatsu 8.62 kg.
      ["SN: 84620-@"] ancatalogs:["7082L03231"] |$11.  
  708-2L-03232 [2] SERVO VALVE ASS'Y Komatsu 8.62 kg.
      ["SN: 82758-84619"] ancatalogs:["7082L03234", "7082L03231"] |$12.  
  708-2L-03231 [2] SERVO VALVE ASS'Y Komatsu 8.62 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-82757"] ancatalogs:["7082L03234"] |$13.  
  708-2L-03802 [1] BODY ASS'Y Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-@"] |$14.  
4 708-2L-25480 [3] FILTER Komatsu OEM 0.5 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
5 708-2L-25490 [3] O-RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
6 708-2L-25631 [1] SPACER Komatsu 0.005 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
7 708-2L-25650 [1] ORIFICE Komatsu 0.01 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
8 07000-02110 [1] O-RING Komatsu OEM 0.004 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700012110"]  
9 708-8E-16150 [2] PLUG Komatsu 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
10 07002-11023 [2] O-RING Komatsu China 0.025 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700201023"]  
11 708-2L-25211 [1] SOLENOID ASS'Y Komatsu OEM 0.8 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["7082H25240"]  
12 07000-02016 [1] O-RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700012016", "YM24311000160"]  
13 01252-60612 [4] BOLT Komatsu 0.006 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
14 708-2L-25721 [1] SLEEVE Komatsu 0.066 kg.
      ["SN: 82758-@"]  
14 708-2L-25720 [1] SLEEVE Komatsu 0.066 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-82757"] ancatalogs:["7082L25721"]  
15 708-2L-25740 [1] SPOOL Komatsu 0.022 kg.
      ["SN: 82758-@"]  
15 708-2L-25232 [1] SPOOL Komatsu 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-82757"]  
16 708-2L-25291 [2] SEAT Komatsu 0.01 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
17 708-2L-25251 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
18 708-2L-25261 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.008 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
19 708-2L-25281 [1] PISTON Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["R7082L25281"]  
20 07040-11007 [1] PLUG Komatsu 0.014 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
21 07002-01023 [1] O-RING Komatsu China 0.025 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700211023"]  
22 708-2L-25373 [1] LEVER Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["7082L25372"]  
23 708-2L-25311 [1] PIN Komatsu 0.01 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
24 708-2L-25330 [1] BEARING Komatsu 0.005 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
25 708-2L-25321 [2] WASHER Komatsu 0.003 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
26 01580-00605 [1] NUT Komatsu 0.002 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0158030605"]  
27 708-2L-25340 [1] PLUG Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
28 01583-11811 [1] NUT Komatsu China 0.075 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0158301811"]  
29 07002-01823 [1] O-RING Komatsu 0.36 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700211823"]  
30 708-2L-25382 [1] PLUG Komatsu 0.03 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
31 07000-02010 [1] O-RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700012010", "YM24311240100"]  
32 04065-01610 [1] RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
33 708-2L-25731 [1] SPOOL Komatsu 0.02 kg.
      ["SN: 82758-@"]  
33 708-2L-25730 [1] SPOOL Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-82757"]  
34 708-2L-25521 [1] SLEEVE Komatsu 0.04 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
35 708-2L-25531 [1] PLUG Komatsu 0.09 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
36 07002-12034 [1] O-RING Komatsu China 0.94 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700002034", "0700202034", "0700012034"]  
37 708-2L-25542 [1] SEAT Komatsu 0.01 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
38 708-2L-25551 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.017 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
39 708-2L-25621 [1] PLUG Komatsu China  
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
40 708-2L-25611 [1] PISTON Komatsu 0.014 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
41 708-2L-25640 [1] SEAT Komatsu 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
42 07001-02012 [1] RING,BACK-UP Komatsu 0.002 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  
43 07000-12012 [1] O-RING Komatsu China 0.001 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"] ancatalogs:["0700002012", "7082E11790"]  
44 01583-12012 [1] NUT Komatsu 0.04 kg.
      ["SN: 80001-@"]  



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  • Packing and Shipping


Packaging :Normally we use the standard exporting packaging , we also can according to clients' request

Shipping :

1. By Couriers: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT are the main courier companies we are cooperated,

2. By Air: Delivery from the Guangzhou air port to customer's destination city air port.

3. By Sea: Delivery from the Huangpu port .




  • Warranty


Unless specified, a manufacturer’s warranty is 90 DAYS will apply on all products. Should the goods prove to be defective within this period, Anto will, at its discretion and provided that the damage is not due to use or misuse of the goods or from fair wear and tear, replace or repair defective goods free of charge. The goods must be returned to us at the address above and proof of purchase must also be provided.


The images used in this website are for illustrative purposes only and may not always be identical to the actual product. We reserve the right to make product enhancements or improvements at any time in order to offer superior products.





  • Advantage


1. Professional technical team, providing good quality products and excellent After-sales service.


2. 100% quality assurance, develop and manufacture follow original ones;


3. All products have warranty, Monitor and Controller have 1 Year Warranty.


4. Excavator spare parts in full-scale are available;


5. Real manufacturer, many companies including small-scale factory purchased parts from us.


6. Small order allowed;


7. Original packing, neutral packing or customized packing;


8. Positive customer feedback from abroad market.





  • FAQ


1.Q: How about the quality of product from us?

We think quality is the life of our company.All employees are to make the best quality products with the effort.


2.Q: What about the delivery and service from us?

We offer all customers quick response about all inquiries every time. If we have stock about parts you demand, we will deliver it in 1~3 days after payments.If no stock, we will prepare it less than 15 days, which is very seldom taken place.


3.Q: Which payment terms do you accept?

T/T, Western Union


4.Q: Are your price higher?

Our prices have never been the highest nor the lowest, but guaranteed

to be the most reasonable, we encourage customers to shop around,

definitely value for money.


5.Q: How to transport?

We can sent you by international express(DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,EMS)/air/sea.





  • Why choose us


1.You can get reasonable price


2. You can get professional before and after sale service


3. Your suupplier have experience more than 50 years


4. Your supplier pass ISO/TS16949


5. Your supplier have good credit in diesel parts business


6. You can get warranty for your order product

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